15 September 2016

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English Challenge - Punishment

Okay so this is a punishment post because I forgot to chat in english with my girlfriend.

For the explanation, me and my girlfriend have a "challenge" in a week.
The first one is called English Day. It's an event that we both use english as chatting conversation. Its held in Monday and Thursday in a week. The purpose of this challenge is to "memperkaya" our vocabolary. We don't care about the grammar etc. Just using english. XD

If we forgot about the event, we have a punishment. Nah, this post is my punishment because I forgot to use english in one of my chat sentences. I totally forgot because I am in hurry to tell something to her. So I should post an english article on my blog for 100 words minimal.

I think this is a funny and educational (?) challenge. It can be riching (?) my english vocabolary and make my english conversation become a habit. Let's fight for next week and I hope I am not lose again. XD

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